Beginner's Guide to GNU nano Text Editor - Linux

GNU nano on Linux - A comprehensive guide on how to manage, edit, and save files with it, including keyboard shortcuts, activating RegEx, syntax highlighting, and more.

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27th Oct 2020
Email phishing and viruses: How to stay safe

Dear Client It has come to our attention that some clients are experiencing an increase in phishing and spoofed emails. This coincides with reports from other hosting companies indicating a surge in these types of attacks and fraudulent emails on a global scale. Common attacks ... Read More »

21st Oct 2020
How to Install Tailscale VPN on Linux and Windows

Tailscale is an open-source software based on WireGuard VPN that simplifies creating, managing, and accessing private networks. It's a cost-effective solution for small startups and projects.

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14th Oct 2020
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