What If I Forget My Password?

You can reset a forgotten password.

1. Click on "Forgot Password".

This can be found on the main HOSTAFRICA login screen or selected from the Account drop-down menu. See below: 


2. Enter your "Email Address" to to begin the reset process. Click "Submit".

 3. You will see a confirmation message as below. "Validation Email Sent". 

 4. Login to your Email account and open the Email sent to you from HOSTAFRICA. Click on the link as requested.


5. You will now be directed to a login screen. Complete the fields as requested and click "Save changes" to reset your password.

Please ensure that you create a secure password using the following guidelines.

  • Use both upper and lowercase characters
  • Include at least one symbol (# $ ! % & etc...)
  • Don't use dictionary words 

6. You will now see a confirmation message confirming that your password has been reset. 


7. "Click here" to continue to your client area.




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