Accessing IPMI

1.Login to your customer section

2. Select the Services tab


3. Select Manage Product next to your Dedicated server


4. You will then see your IPSEC and IPMI access details on the product page(no screenshots for security reasons)

5. Access the Network Settings on your Windows PC select VPN and then select Add a VPN Connection


6. Select Windows as your VPN provider. You can use whichever name you wish as the Connection name. The VPN type is: L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key. Insert the IP address specified under IPsec details in your customer section as well as the pre-shared key, username and password

7. You can then connect to the IPsec VPN

8. You can then copy and paste the IP from your IPMI details into your browser and use the username and password. You will not be able to access IPMI if you are not connected to the IPsec VPN



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