How to mount an ISO on your dedicated server

  1. Firstly, please request Full IPMI access via the client portal on your dedicated product
  2. Once set up, you will receive IPSEC tunnel details
  1. If you are using Windows :
  2. Right-click the Start button and go to Network Connections.
  3. Select VPN on the left side and click Add a VPN connection.
  4. Set VPN provider to Windows (built-in) and set a Connection name (This can be anything).
  5. At Server name or address, type
  6. Set VPN type to L2TP/IPsec with a passphrase.
  7. Enter the passphrase HOST AFRICA has provided.
  8. At the Type of sign-in info, select User name and password.
  9. At User name (optional) and Password (optional), paste the credentials provided by HOSTAFRICA.
  10. Enable Remember my sign-in info and click Save.

             Servers vary, so this will be broad.

  1. Please go to the IP of the IPMI address provided (Internal IP) and paste it into your browser.
  2. Look for something along the lines of remote control/Remote Access/Launch Console
  3. Download the applet and then run it. A console will appear (You might have to add the IP in your java security (On your local machine))
  4. Click Virtual Media (Again, this might vary in its name)
  5. Change the type to ISO and then click browse
  6. Select the ISO you want to mount
  7. Reboot the machine and boot into the boot order (Usually F11) or boot into BIOS (Delete or F2).
  8. If in the boot order, select the ISO
  9. If in BIOS, look for a tab called boot or save/exit
  10. The ISO should appear there. Scroll to it and hit enter.


The above should assist you in booting into your own ISO,

If you are to experience any issues, please do contact our support department.

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