How To Design A Secure Password

The Password Method

1. Choose a phrase of between 12 and 20 characters. Remember, Windows-based systems can often not take passwords longer than 16 characters, so keep that in mind. Start with ALL lowercase.

My sample phrase is:

 i like feeding cats  = 16 characters

 2. Change every 2nd word to start with a capital letter, starting from the first or the second word, as you like. I will start with the second word.

i Like feeding Cats

 3. Substitute numbers for similar-looking letters ( i = 1, o = 0, e = 3 )

Make your own rules here, for example, I will substitute only ever the second occurrence, thus

 i L1ke f3eding Cats

 4. Substitute less-used characters for similar-looking characters ( s = $, a = @, etc)

i L1ke f3eding [email protected]$

 5. Remove all spaces:

[email protected]$

 6. If you can, add a random non-regular character to the start or end:

#[email protected]$

 Now you have a strong password!

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