Installing PC/Server Cloud Backup Windows

Downloading the Required Acronis Backup Agent from the Acronis Management Console

1. Log in to the Acronis Management Console

acronis windows

acronis windows21

2. Log in to the target server:

3. Download and install the agent

acronis windows

acronis windows
acronis windows

Windows OS Manual registration:

Acronis Backup Cloud 

1. Open Command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\BackupClient:

cd "%ProgramFiles%\BackupClient\RegisterAgentTool"

2. Issue this command to register the client machine using account and password:

register_agent.exe -o register -t cloud -a -u <account> -p <password>

or issue this command to register the client machine using registration token:

"C:\Program Files\BackupClient\RegisterAgentTool\register_agent.exe" -a <your-datacenter> --token <token> -o register -t cloud

<your-datacenter> is the datacenter address displayed in browser when you log in to Backup Console, e.g.

device reg

Should you experience error whilst manually registering the agent:

Your password contains special characters, and you receive this error while providing correct credentials:

"module" : 0,
"suberror" : null,
"text" : "Getting refresh token failed: {\"error\":\"access_denied\",\"error_description\":\"Failed to authorize\"}"
"reason" : "internalError",
"serCode" : "0x00000191"


[email protected] RegisterAgentTool]# ./RegisterAgentBin -o register -t cloud -a -u <username> -p <encoded password> --base64


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